Outdoor Education

Bespoke outdoor learning for your pupils and staff,
plus half day workshops.

Outdoor Curriculum

If your space is limited or you have too much, and whether it’s natural or a concrete jungle we can help you get the best from your school grounds with a huge range of curriculum linked outdoor learning.  Create memorable experiences outdoors to enrich learning which will inspire your group during the session and after, when they are back inside.

Spending time outside is a proven way to motivate your groups, the outdoor world is stimulus rich so learning is deeper and recall is improved.  A great way to use outdoor learning is by introducing a new theme with an outdoor session which can be linked to all areas of the curriculum when back inside the classroom.

Our Landscape Services team are experts in the art of school ground renovation, changing spaces into inspirational areas for your groups to learn and play.

If you do not have space in your school grounds we can assist and provide support to access your nearest green space.  Whether it’s a park, shared space or private woodland, we have a proven record of assisting with land owner agreements and working though the logistics of travelling to and using a public space.

There are several different philosophies and teaching ethos to follow once you are outside.  Do you want to “leave no trace” or “tap the rock” to find out what’s inside?  Whatever your motivation, we can find a solution for you.  Our staff are experienced in all of the following approaches to Outdoor Learning: 

We also deliver a number of outdoor workshops and after school and pre-school clubs all of which can be delivered in and around your school ground or nearest outdoor green space.

An off-site visit is an important part of school life and a great development tool.  Visits are truly memorable experiences for your groups where children can get active and be enthused.  We have both curriculum linked workshops and alternative education packages at our sites in East Lancashire, which offer the chance to be immersed in an inspiring environment right on your doorstep.