Bushcraft is the art of surviving in comfort in the wild without having a negative impact on the natural world around you.  As such, it’s is a perfect way to engage young people in nature. It has had a huge boom in popularity over the past ten years, and it’s easy to see why. Youwill learn new skills such as how to use a variety of hand tools, and start to understand how the natural world plays a part in our day to day lives.

Bushcraft is a great way to teach about sustainability and provoke thought about how things are made. Children can learn how important our connection with nature is, and see how it is disappearing from life in the twenty first century.

Essential bushcraft skills taught include finding and purifying water, making cordage (rope/string), creating fire from natural materials, outdoor cooking, using tools and shelter building. 

You can learn about bushcraft with us either as part of national curriculum linked sessions or as a series of alternative education accredited by AQA.


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