You may know this initiative as ‘Cycling Proficiency’ and although it has a new name it still focuses on the same key skills.  Bikeability can be delivered in your school grounds and is an important part of your pupils’ road safety awareness.  The instructional workshops will give pupils confidence and increase their awareness when cycling on the road, making them safer cyclists.  We are qualified to deliver levels 1, 2 and 3, which, when run in your school will enable you to promote cycling with confidence.


Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a fast growing sport which has been included in the Olympics.  We have a fleet of state of the art mountain bikes and our qualified level 2 mountain bike instructors can guide you round specified mountain bike routes and teach your group new skills.  Mountain biking can also be accredited through AQA as part of a series of alternative education sessions.


Bike Maintenance Workshops

These are the perfect way to enable your young people to take responsibility for their own bike and become truly independent.  A series of workshops can also be accredited though AQA.


Mobility Cycling

We have a fleet of bikes including three wheeler cycles and hand cranked bikes which can be used to enable people who have never cycled before to get in the saddle and try cycling. 


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