Half Day Outdoor Workshops

We have a range of workshops bookable for £175 to be delivered in your schools grounds or nearest suitable green space.

The Tribe Team Challenge - KS2

Your pupils will work in a group to complete a series of challenges including building a tower made of sticks to the tallest height possible and devising a model raft made of natural materials to carry as heavier weight as possible.  They will also design themselves a necklace made of natural materials to show allegiance to their tribe.  Your group will learn how to work together safely, and achieve results through trial and error.

Miniature-Beast Maximum-Adventure - KS 1 or 2

Explore your grounds and the bugs and beasts who have adapted to live there.  Hunt for mini-beasts and learn about them; how they move, what they eat, how they survive and why they are important to us.  Create natural habitats for them in your school grounds to encourage more mini-beasts in the future.  Inspire a passion for nature in your group. Investigate your ponds, trees, grassland, flower beds, woodland and streams to learn about these unique habitats and discover how animals are adapted to survive in them.

Stone age to Bronze Age - KS 1 or 2

Give your pupils the experience of life as a hunter gatherer in the safety of your school grounds or local green space.  Use team work to build your own shelter and light a fire from friction or a spark.  Cook over an open fire to see if life was harder or easier in the Stone Age.  Key stage 2 groups can also learn about gathering water and water purification which is key to survival and modern life. 

Natural and Outdoor Art - KS 1 or 2

The focus of this session is on natural materials in the outdoors, specifically looking at light, colour and shape.  Learn about outdoor artists like Andy Goldsworthy or local Richard Shilling.  You will create your own masterpieces in your own school grounds and engage with nature in a personal and calming way.  Use digital cameras to record your work and transfer it inside the classroom.

Maps – KS 2

In this session we will show you how to use a number of different ways to make maps of your school ground from natural materials, including 3 dimensional maps and printing maps on cloth.  Use skills to track your group across your grounds and look for signs which show that animals have visited your outdoor area. 

To book or for more information call 01254 265163 or email daniel.mcdermott@newground.co.uk