Offsite Outdoor Education

The Bunker

The Bunker is our outdoor learning venue in Waterfoot, Rossendale.  With over 10 acres of rural Lancashire countryside it’s the perfect place to learn traditional practical skills.

Perfect for small groups and practical sessions you can bring your group to try different traditional countryside management skills from constructing fences, footpaths or dry stone walls to maintaining woodland or planting hedgerows.

Book a bespoke series of sessions for your group which will be accredited through the AQA award scheme. This is great for a small group of pupils who can learn new skills together, develop the ability to team work and receive formal recognition for their achievement.

The bunker is located on a cycleway so it’s also a great location to run cycling sessions.

The Bunker is a key outdoor learning site for:



Offshoots is our unique site in Towneley Park in Burnley, a thriving 1 acre organic fruit and vegetable garden boasting 5 different forms of eco friendly buildings that are renewably powered.  There is also a kiln for charcoal making, wildlife pond and reed bed, tree nursery, backyard demonstration and beekeeping. Offshoots is a Permaculture site which is a way of being responsible for the earth, to the people who live on it and sharing resources. 

It’s a truly inspiring and engaging setting for a school visit where we offer the following programmes:

Habitats - KS 1 or 2: Go on a mini safari through orchards, woodland, grassland and gardens to discover the mini beasts that live there, plus a chance to create a habitat for minibeasts. KS2

Explore Offshoots - KS2: A chance to discover all the different structures in Offshoots, find out why they’re there and what they do.  There are huts made of mud and wooden cabins, all unique and brilliant to explore.

Out in the Woods - KS2: Enjoy a walk in the woods which will stimulate the senses.  Concoct smelly cocktails, learn how to disappear in an instant and build mini shelters for the wood’s secret community of elves and pixies.

Beautiful Bees - KS 1 or 2: Find out why bees are important and how they help plants, plus a chance for your group to see bees working away in the hive in the safety of a demonstration case.

Discovery Tour and Plant - KS 1 or 2: Enjoy a guided tour of Offshoots, learn about Permaculture and make a mini planter for each of your group to take away. 


To book or for more information call 01254 265163 or email