Aileen Melia

Landscape Architect

I'm a Senior Landscape Architect at Newground, working on play areas in housing developments to paths in country parks.

Since graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1999 with a post graduate diploma, I've gone on to achieve my professional qualification as a Chartered Landscape Architect. I've worked for Newground since 1997, starting as a year out student. Despite several attempts at moving on, including a trip across America for 6 months, and a shorter spell in local authority, I've always been compelled to return to Newground!

What I do at Newground

I'm part of the landscape services team at Newground, and work on an exciting and wide variety of projects including designing play areas, school grounds, community gardens, community allotments, cycle paths, access improvements and more recently, development work on heritage projects.

In my spare time

Outside work, I'm mum to a very lively toddler...which means that I don't really have any hobbies anymore, but I sometimes still dream of that American Adventure and the states still to visit!