Rachael Ray

Senior Project Officer

Before this role I was the Managing Director of Overload. This was a cleaning and laundry service, where I employed a team of 12 staff at any one time. I found this job gave me a good income, but poor job satisfaction.

I fell into my current role accidentally and I have never looked back. This is my calling!

What I do at Newground

I work with vulnerable young people aged 16-24. Those in crisis and in need of intensive 1-1 support, is my specialist field. I am also responsible for “Reachout on the Road”, our mobile vehicle. This enables me to engage with young people on the streets and in their communities.

In my spare time

I love to party but now I am getting older and less cool (according to my own children), this is getting less and less. I enjoy live music, reading a great book, exercise and spending time with my nearest and dearest.