"With the direct support of Newground, a process of continuous improvement on a range of projects has transitioned American Pan UK (Cleanbake Ltd) to being a Carbon Neutral business. With the support and direction of our Newground Consultant, major projects have been conceived, funded and implemented. The on-going support from you to sustain a continuous improvement approach throughout, continues to add value."

Shaun Hughes, Managing Director, American Pan UK (Cleanbake Ltd)

American Pan - formerly Cleanbake Ltd (Resource Efficiency)

What they do: Operating since 1991, American Pan UK (formerley Cleanbake) offers a one-stop-shop service for hygienic cleaning, refurbishment, specialist release coatings, plus fabrication and design for bakeware and bakery equipment.

Website: www.cleanbake.co.uk

Client since: 2006

Services used: Business Consultancy - Environment - Energy and Resource Management