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Ruth gets back into work after 20 years!

When Ruth began attending the More Positive Together job club sessions in September 2017, she had not worked for twenty years as she had been raising her family, although she had recently begun volunteering one day per week at a local food bank. Ruth was very shy, which by her own admission was holding her back in all areas of life. She felt lonely, isolated, lacked in confidence and found it hard to fit in. At the job club this manifested in her hiding behind her laptop screen so no one would notice her and was very timid and quiet.

Over the weeks, Newground mentor Karen coached Ruth on a one to one basis and slowly started to build up her confidence. Ruth began to get involved in discussions around the table and would actively seek opportunities to engage.

The prospect of seeking employment was daunting to Ruth as an interview environment was unfamiliar. Amjad, employment advisor at Newground, helped her to improve her CV and encouraged her to identify her strengths and how they could be applied in a work setting. One to ones helped Ruth to develop her job search skills, learn to interpret job specifications and submit an application.

Very quickly Ruth secured her first interview and was not deterred when she was not successful. Her motivation and self belief had increased and her job search became more focused; she participated in conversations at the job clubs and supported her peers by sharing her story.

Ruth soon secured a part time cleaning role and has completed a training course to secure her SIA security badge and a Level 2 qualification in IT. She is now training new starters at her workplace and is returning to the job club to share her journey with new candidates to motivate and encourage them.

Ruth feels that Newground helped her a great deal, especially in “helping me to believe in myself and value my uniqueness and the things that I’m good at. I’m now much more comfortable with myself; I have got my self esteem back and am more confident in dealing with people; Thank you…”.

More Positive Together is a Lancashire-wide European Social Fund project which aims to help 2,250 people improve their skills and employment prospects.


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